Each and Everyday

Sometimes things in life need to fall apart to make place for something better

You can’t measure the void you created, when you defined having money, as the main purpose in your life.

Checkpoint Charlie
Admiral Fell Promises

Looking up to the posters on the wall, thinking of things you could have been or want to be. Maybe in another life, another era, not today, tomorrow or many days after. Licking the wounds you created yourself but are afraid to acknowledge, what are you so afraid of? Please tell me because everybody just sends me deeper into the void. What are you so afraid of that it holds you back from living? What happens when getting your shit together is not enough anymore? So many questions and so few answers, it get’s me even more afraid. Knowing that you are not lost alone in the void, but everybody is lost, lost together, is comforting. Like a puzzle piece that completes the world, but all the pieces are missing. No puzzle, no world at all: the world we live in now.


Maar een feit een feit noemen en dit vervolgens te weerleggen door het feit te constateren dat een feit een feit is moet waargenomen worden als een hypothese, dit is een feit is. De wereld is opgebouwd uit aannamen waar vervolgens omheen gewerkt is in de wetenschap.

"1 + 1 = 2"

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